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Don’t face a legal challenge alone. To improve your chances of a positive outcome, partner with The Law Office of Mark D. Stewart. Our full-service law firm in Greenville, NC, works with clients facing a range of different legal problems.

Regardless of what your case may be, we understand how important its outcome to you and your future. Count on us to pay attention to every detail and deliver the firm representation you need during this difficult period. Some of our legal services include:

  • Criminal Defense: We represent a wide range of criminal defense clients, including those facing traffic violations, DWI offenses, and federal crimes. No matter what you’ve been charged with, we work tirelessly to build a strong case and make the proceedings as simple for you as possible.
  • Expungement: Get a fresh start by consulting with an expunction attorney from our team. We’ll review the details of your case to determine if you qualify for expungement to remove convictions from your record.
  • Bond Modification: When you or a loved one is facing an unjustly high bond, turn to our firm for help. One of our bond reduction lawyers will work with you to reduce the bond and bring the person being held back home.

Criminal defense attorney in Greenville, NC. Remove your criminal past in Greenville, NC. Negotiate a bond modification in Greenville, NC.

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Your Guide to Criminal Defense

An arrest is not a conviction. However, you need to act fast if you are charged with a criminal offense. The Law Office of Mark D. Stewart is a criminal defense law firm located near the state and federal courthouses in Pitt County, North Carolina. Mr. Stewart is an experienced criminal defense attorney that is familiar with both state and federal laws and has practiced in both areas for more than a decade. He has tried cases before juries in both systems and has successfully negotiated many favorable deals for his clients.

As a former district attorney, Mr. Stewart brings the knowledge and skillset he learned practicing as a prosecutor to the defense side. He uses what works best for his clients and their rights.

Mark Stewart is a professional criminal law attorney in Greenville, NC.

Your Trusted Legal Counsel

When faced with a difficult legal situation, you want to make certain you have the best representation and legal team in your corner. Our law firm is here to ensure you receive the most sound advice and legal counsel possible.

Nothing is more important to us than protecting your legal rights and ensuring whatever situation you are facing comes to a favorable closing. Whether you are charged with a criminal offense or seeking expungement from a previous crime, you can count on our attorneys for unyielding support and experience to be there.

"Justice is a certain rectitude of mind whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him."

- St. Thomas Aquinas



"Mark is the definition of a lawyer that is dedicated to his work, to his clients, and to justice for those charged with any crime. He is the best attorney for the job, always."
Tim B.

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