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Your First Choice for Bond Modification in Greenville, NC

The longer you or a loved one is stuck in a jail cell, the more potential there is for your life to start to unravel. You need to be able to get out as soon as possible so that you can begin working with an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure your rights are honored in your upcoming trial.

When you are dealing with a high bond that makes paying it too difficult, the Law Office of Mark D. Stewart is there to assist you. By negotiating a bond modification in Greenville, NC, for you, we are able to work towards reducing your bond amount so you can get back to your home and work as you await your trial.

Here to Assist You

Whether you are posting your own bond or need to post a bond for a loved one, our attorney is ready to discuss your options with you. Bonds that have been artificially inflated can mean the difference between being able to reunite with your loved ones and being stuck behind bars. By reducing your bond to a more manageable amount, you can resume your life until your trial.

Being arrested for a crime creates a very trying time. As your attorney, we want to be a source of light for you during these dark days and months. Contact us if you have any questions about the bond modification and reduction process or to learn about our legal representation services.

Bond Modification in Greenville, NC