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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Greenville, NC

Protect your rights by turning to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Greenville, NC. At The Law Office of Mark D. Stewart, we represent anyone charged with a crime or traffic offense in Greenville, NC, and the surrounding areas. Our focus is you, and we will uphold the law and defend your rights. From serious felony offenses to a simple traffic citation, our legal team provides you with exceptional representation and the counsel you deserve.

Federal Crimes

The federal system is entirely different from the state court system. Those charged and their families need an experienced criminal defense attorney given the severity of the charges that arise in federal court. Mr. Stewart has advanced knowledge and skill to navigate the criminal process in the federal system. He is intricately familiar with the process by which the federal courts operate in the Eastern District of North Carolina. Mr. Stewart has resolved cases in front of all the judges in all the courts in this district, including Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington, New Bern, and Elizabeth City.


Navigating the federal system can be intimidating, especially since federal crimes often carry heavier sentences than the state court system. A federal crime attorney isn’t just a good idea; they are essential to the process. To obtain the best possible defense and outcome, an experienced lawyer is your greatest advocate. Mr. Stewart will protect your constitutional rights and ensure you get a fair trial. As a federal crime attorney, he has the skills and knowledge to guide you through the system and is committed to representing you to the best of his ability, no matter the charges.

Moving Violations

Mark D. Stewart has successfully handled traffic tickets for the entirety of his career. He learned the tactics and intricacies of disposing of traffic matters as a prosecutor in Pitt County. Once in private practice, Mr. Stewart used this knowledge to obtain the best results possible for offenses ranging from DWI to running red lights and everything in between for his clients.


Not everything is as straightforward as it seems, and that includes moving violations. Mr. Stewart understands the process for these types of charges, can provide the advice you need, and will work toward a favorable outcome. He’ll investigate the circumstances, speak to witnesses, and find documentation to support your case. Moving violations can seriously affect the status of your license. If your occupation depends on having one, your income could be at risk. Never take chances on a charge; talk to Mr. Stewart about your case and let him handle the details so you can breathe more easily.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Greenville, NC

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

Driving While Impaired is treated differently than most other crimes in North Carolina. Although classified as a misdemeanor, it is punishable as a felony. As such, you want a DWI attorney with up-to-date knowledge of the laws governing DWIs.

DWI Attorney in Greenville, NC - Mark D Stewart

As a district attorney, Mark D. Stewart prosecuted countless DWI cases and learned the strategies and tactics that are most effective in defending these cases. Mr. Stewart tailors DWI defense for each client according to what he knows will work best in court. Mr. Stewart uses his prosecuting experience and years in private practice to gain a full perspective on the details of your case.

Take the First Step

Talk to a DWI attorney. Do not attempt to handle a DWI in court by yourself. When you are charged with the offense of Driving While Impaired or Driving After Consuming Being Less than 21, contact our office immediately. There are steps you can take from day one that will help you get your license back quickly and put you in a more favorable light in court.