Expungement Attorney in Greenville, NC

An Expungement Attorney in Greenville, NC -- Helping You Get a Fresh Start

Many North Carolinians believe that criminal records stay with you for life; that once you have a record, it will always be available for anyone to find. However, there is a way forward. An expungement attorney in Greenville, NC, can help ensure that your record is either sealed or erased. Depend on The Law Office of Mark D. Stewart to help you navigate the expungement (or expunction) process.

Eliminate Your Criminal Past

We’ve heard countless stories of upstanding individuals experiencing difficulty landing a job or gaining admission to graduate school as a result of their criminal record. With our legal assistance, you may be able to eliminate this tarnish on your record and forget about it affecting your life. Reach out to our law firm to see if the expungement process is right for you.

Expungement in Greenville, NC

Who Qualifies?

Anyone that has been convicted of a non-violent misdemeanor or felony likely qualifies for an expungement. Keep in mind that there is a five-year waiting period for any misdemeanor convictions and a ten-year waiting period for any felony convictions. If your record includes other convictions, you may not qualify for the process; however, a separate legal option--known as a Motion for Appropriate Relief (MAR)--also has the potential to expunge convictions. Call now for more information.

Do I Need an Attorney For Expungement?

The short and technical answer is no. However, as stated by North Carolina’s Judicial Branch, “An attorney can help you by assessing your eligibility, making sure you include all necessary documents, guiding you through the process, and representing you in a hearing if needed." In other words, having an attorney on your side is the best way to ensure the accuracy, expedience, and success of your expungement.

Expungement law can be overwhelming, and not everyone qualifies for the process. A skilled and experienced expungement attorney will be able to tell you if you are eligible and will ensure that you have the information you need to move forward. For further qualification information, visit the North Carolina Judicial Branch website. There, you’ll find an overview of who qualifies and the steps you need to take.

ECU Students

Students of Eastern Carolina University trust us when they need to clear their record before heading out into the professional world. No one wants a criminal record when applying to jobs or higher education.

If you have been charged or arrested, reach out to us for a consultation. Our legal team will inform you of all your options and help you through the process. We work diligently to minimize the potential impacts that a record would have on your future career. Call now to get started.