Steadfast Defense Against Moving Violations in Greenville, NC

As a driver, there’s always a chance you might have an infraction that results in you being charged with one or more moving violations in Greenville, NC. It could be something inconsequential that nevertheless resulted in you getting ticketed, or it could be an infraction that you didn’t even realize you committed. There are so many rules and regulations when it comes to operating a motor vehicle that it can be tricky at times to keep them all straight. For those times when you’re facing charges or battling traffic tickets, we’re ready to help at The Law Office of Mark D. Stewart.

Mr. Stewart is an experienced criminal defense attorney. He knows the ins and outs of moving violations thanks to his time as a prosecutor before moving to the other side of the courtroom. His practice handles all of the common and uncommon violations under the law. You can count on him for support with matters such as speeding, reckless driving, failing to yield, DWI, running a red light, improper passing, and many other violations.

Contact attorney Stewart for a consultation when you need effective and experienced counsel and advice on how to proceed with your case.